Gayle Mahoney  Pescadero Pebbles (detail), watercolor on paper

2018 Tour Map

The 15th Annual Artists Studio Tour will take place on Saturday & Sunday, June 2nd & 3rd, from 11AM to 5PM. Take advantage of this great opportunity to see artists in their native habitat and while you're at it buy some beautiful artwork for your home. Explore the individual artists profiles and interactive map to plan your  StudioTour experience.

Printed Map Corrections:

All Studios are open Saturday and Sunday except the following:
Open Saturday Onlty:
Open Sunday Only: 

Tour Map

Genre: Media: Location: Accessibility:   
1. The BAIRD
Cathleen McCoy Bristol
Amelia Panico
Carol Black-Lemon
Maggie Hinders
Samar Hussaini
Sarah Klein
Colette Peters
Sheila Thompson
Cornelia Wenokor
2. Burgdorff Center
3. 1978 Maplewood Arts Center
Luis Alves Collage
Jennifer Crohn
Katherine Ivanova
4. JESPY House
15. Tau Sculpture by Tony Smith
16. The Gateway Murals
Individual Studios

0. Melissa de la Fuente
0. Alicia Starr
17. Sybil Archibald
18. Felix Aarts
19. Paula and Waffle
20. Alaine Becker
21. Wendy Bellermann
22. Susan Brand
23. Kathy Cantwell
24. Susan Cohen Harris
25. Paul Gibson
26. Shari Halpern
27. B. John Kaufman
28. Lisa Lackey
29. Catherine Delett
29. Brian Lebovitz
30. Juanita Martin
31. Jay Pingree
32. Gevon Servo
33. Judy Targan
34. Sylvia Taylor
35. Amy Zorn
45. Tom & Gina Piccolo