Gayle Mahoney  Pescadero Pebbles (detail), watercolor on paper

2017 Tour Map

The 13th Annual Artists Studio Tour will take place on Sunday, June 5th, from 11AM to 5PM. Take advantage of this great opportunity to see artists in their native habitat and while you're at it buy some beautiful artwork for your home.

Explore the individual artists profiles and interactive map to plan your an amazing StudioTour experience.

Tour Map

Genre: Media: Location: Accessibility:   
1. Photography Group Venue
1. The BAIRD
Cathleen McCoy Bristol
Ann Vollum
Nancy Cook
Julie Martini
Danielle Masters
Sherry Sacks
2. 1978 Maplewood Arts Center
Sandra Charlap
Gayle Mahoney
3. The Woodland
Mary Jean Canziani
Sandra Charlap
Jocelyn Fine
4. JESPY House Group Venue
5. Gallery 103
Sandra Charlap
Chrissy McIntyre
Geralyn Robinson
Cornelia Wenokor
Individual Studios

0. Tom & Gina Piccolo
0. Nikki Pusin
0. Oscar Vasquez Jr.
0. Alison Weir
20. Sybil Archibald
21. Carol Cassel Baker
24. Paul Gibson
25. Susan Brand
27. Catherine Delett
33. Jon Koones
34. Ken Krasner
37. Ananda Lima
45. Sarah Petruziello
46. Jay Pingree
54. Florence Weisz
58. Virginia Canino
59. Bill Figdor