Gayle Mahoney  Pescadero Pebbles (detail), watercolor on paper

2017 Tour Map

The 14th Annual Artists Studio Tour will take place on Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd & 4th, from 11AM to 5PM. Take advantage of this great opportunity to see artists in their native habitat and while you're at it buy some beautiful artwork for your home. Explore the individual artists profiles and interactive map to plan your  StudioTour experience.

Printed Map Corrections:
#21, Carol Cassel Baker is open on Sunday Only.
#57 Felix Sockwell was left off the printed map

All Studios are open Saturday and Sunday except the following:
Open Saturday Onlty: Jeremy Moss
Open Sunday Only: Carol Cassel Baker, Susan Cohen Harris, Bill Figdor, Nikki Pusin, Nette Thomas

Tour Map

Genre: Media: Location: Accessibility:   
1. The BAIRD
Cathleen McCoy Bristol
Amelia Panico
Ann Vollum
Mary Jean Canziani
Jocelyn Fine
Sasha Huetz
Julie Martini
2. The Pierro Gallery
Nancy Cook
Diana Fine
Heather Hamilton
Samar Hussaini
Sarah Klein
Danielle Masters
Jennifer McClory
Sherry Sacks
Cat Tate Starmer
3. 1978 Maplewood Arts Center
Arshad Aziz
Maya Bloom
Amanda Burns-Elhassouni
Sandra Charlap
Evelyn Graves
Gayle Mahoney
4. JESPY House- Photography Group Venue
Max Goldstein
Anna Herbst
Ridley McIntyre
5. Gallery 103
Nichola Bloomfield
Chrissy McIntyre
Geralyn Robinson
Erin Rogers Pickering
Cornelia Wenokor
6. The Tenth Muse
Dorothy Ganek
Odaybea Morrow
7. The Able Baker
Lara Tomlin
8. Judi House
Art From the Heart: Arts and crafts presented by Jespy House Artists
9. The Herb & Milly Iris Gallery at SOPAC
Inspired Minds: Young Artists Exhibit
10. The Domareki Gallery at Columbia High School
Columbia High School AP/Art 4 Students
11. Arts Unbound Showcase
12. Mona Lisa Framing
GlassRoots Studio
13. Pet Wants
Chrissy McIntyre
The Pet Project: Pet Portraits
14. South Orange Public Library
15. Tau Sculpture by Tony Smith
TAU Tony Smith
16. The Gateway Murals
Gateway Murals
Studio Tour Arstist Group Show: ENDANGERED!
18. Valley Street Windows
Pierro Outdoors & South Orange Village Alliance
Individual Studios

19. Sybil Archibald
20. Felix Aarts
21. Carol Cassel Baker
22. Eric Beckerich
23. Wendy Bellermann
24. Susan Brand
25. John Breen
26. Virginia Canino
27. Susan Cohen Harris
28. Gary Collins
29. Catherine Delett
30. Bill Figdor
31. Nette Forne-Thomas
32. Paul Gibson
33. Leslie Goldman
34. Aida Jones
35. B. John Kaufman
36. Jon Koones
37. Ken Krasner
38. Laura Lou Levy
39. Ananda Lima
40. Deborrah Markette
41. Jeremy Moss
42. Tara O'Leary
43. Sarah Petruziello
44. Gina & Tom Piccolo
45. Tom & Gina Piccolo
46. Jay Pingree
47. Nikki Pusin
48. Artist Rayhart
49. Grant Svarre
50. Judy Targan
51. Louis Toledo
52. April Tracey
53. Oscar Vasquez Jr.
54. Avary Waldron
55. Joseph Walentiny
56. Florence Weisz
57. Felix Sockwell