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2017 Studio Tour
Saturday June 3rd &
Sunday, June 4th
11AM to 5PM

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Emily & Daniel Zacharias
Maplewood Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs

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Tara O'Leary

Past Tour Exhibitor

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Reiki as my Muse…

It was so obvious, as if it’s been waiting for me to figure it out. It was an artist’s dream, exciting and soothing at the same time.

Reiki, a spiritual Japanese technique in which a healer channels energy into a patient through touch, is used to improve physical and emotional wellness. Throughout my multiple, intensely visual sessions, I would close my eyes and transport to an ethereal space where only color mattered. Images would appear and morph into light or darkness. These perceptible journeys left me feeling calm and restored.

Months later, when ready to paint again, these images of color and shape returned. The positive energy and healing took on a visual language so pure.

The Reiki Series is my interpretation of these transformative sessions.