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2017 Studio Tour
Saturday June 3rd &
Sunday, June 4th
11AM to 5PM

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Emily & Daniel Zacharias
Maplewood Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs

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Berkshires, Pastel

Tara O'Leary

Past Tour Exhibitor

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Tara O'Leary

The newest series of work have been inspired by the healing art of Rieki.... During my sessions I would experience a colorfull journey that was beautiful, peaceful and healing. I decided to take my studiotime to translate these experiences into my art, the results are soft, atmosphereic and at time very abstract merging color, shape and markmaking.

Landscapes: I am fascinated by the sensuousness of Light. To witness the morning light, the filtered light through the trees and the soft haze of a fog. To capture nature’s essence and communicate it with my painting. To consciously avoid elaboration, rather leave a soft mark that allows the viewer to fill in the rest…the way the fog slowly lifts on a misty morning

The South Mountain reservation: A local treasure I enjoy.... hikeing through the trails, noticing the changeing light, leaves, and streams. Such an inspiration, my South Mountain series honors the beauty and grace of our reservation.