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2018 Studio Tour
Saturday June 2nd &
Sunday, June 3rd
11AM to 5PM

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Suzanne Henning

Past Tour Exhibitor

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As a print and papermaker, I am drawn to the beauty of detail found within nature and man-made objects. I am especially attracted to the mundane properties of typically overlooked objects. The patina of age, plainness and informality of such items draws me in to observe them on a greater scale.

Juxtaposition of delicate and rough materials, such as thread and handmade paper with coarse industrial subject matter and found objects, is a natural and aesthetic union to me. Their qualities compliment each other and they offer multiplicity when combined.

The sensory richness of my work is one of the reasons I make my own paper. The warmth and texture, along with the naturally occurring imperfections of the fiber, create a surface that cannot be replicated with manufactured paper.

Hand stitching takes time. The repetition, pattern and journey of the line of thread across the surface of the paper take on a sculptural form. While stitching, I develop a rhythm between my hands and my thoughts. This technique, as with the process of making the paper, gives me important time to develop each piece.

Simplicity, often subtle, can speak loudly. There is a basic, graphic nature to my prints, which is partially due to my background as a graphic designer. The images I choose often feel stylized, as I am drawn to the simplicity and starkness of patterns and symbols. This intentional contrast to the tactile details I layer into my work reference materials that invite the viewer to become more intimate with the piece.