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2017 Studio Tour
Saturday June 3rd &
Sunday, June 4th
11AM to 5PM

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Emily & Daniel Zacharias
Maplewood Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs

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Ann Vollum

Past Tour Exhibitor

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British by birth, I was born in Africa and grew up overseas. In 1989, I moved to America for a couple of years...

The Beasties have become my identity, they help keep me anchored and are influenced by the traditional art forms of Africa, Pakistan and India.

I continue to explore combining abstract painting with drawing, much of the drawing work is done with the same pointed pen nibs I use as a calligrapher. New this year after taking a Beatrice Coron workshop is a fascination with cut paper.

My drawings evolve organically, they are never pre-planned, I draw directly in ink starting with an outline and then filling it in with patterns. I am interested in the way pattern transforms an ordinary shape into something extraordinary.

As a member of the Book Arts Roundtable, I create hand bound artist books, the latest books include a large cut paper book with over lays and a hand stitched and beaded scroll wall hanging. My books are never planned out in advance, I enjoy the way the story tells itself, and I am more creative for it.

BeastlyBeastie t-shirts are also available.

Influences: Edward Gorey, Henrich Drecher and Victoria Chess to name a few.

Areas of Specialization: Cut Paper, Pen and Ink drawings, Artist Books, Calligraphy

Websites A Beastie a Day... ink drawings by Ann Vollum The Beastly World of Ann Ann Vollum Calligraphy Ann Vollum Calligraphy