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2018 Studio Tour
Saturday June 2nd &
Sunday, June 3rd
11AM to 5PM

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Port Jervis, New York, 2011(CpyrghtBASolomon)

Burt Allen Solomon

Past Tour Exhibitor

View Burt Allen Solomon's Gallery

I have been photographing and manually printing my own black and white gelatin silver darkroom-made images for 55 years. More recently, I have branched out to make color photos digitally as well. Without formal art or photography training, I am very fortunate in finding visually striking images almost anywhere I am. I see form and composition through my camera lens, capture the image on film or digitally, and from that create my photographs.

My photographic interests range from landscape to cityscape, “street photography” to ordinary things that catch my eye as unusual, interesting, ironic or humorous. I try to keep alert to the unexpected and a variable mixture of light and dark, form and color, emotion, excitement, calm and moodiness that might produce a photograph worth looking at.

With rare exceptions, I prefer not to title my photographs. Instead, I identify them by location and year, and invite viewers to form their own perceptions of what they see. My own perceptions are already embedded in the photos. Titles rarely help.

My wife, Alice, (who makes extraordinary jewelry) and I are delighted to welcome visitors to our studio to see our work. We hope that you will enjoy your visit.